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Annual Maintenance Contract

Save on periodic maintenance, avail discounts, pick-up & drop-off services, protect your vehicle value at resale, and so much more with a basic or premium AMC

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Keep your bike running smoothly with our AMC.

Keep Your Bike Running Smoothly

With scheduled maintenance, discounts on additional repairs, and add-on benefits like washing and roadside assistance, our AMC has you covered.

Savings on periodic maintenance.

FOC (free of charge) chain cleaning (available with Premium AMC).

Scheduled maintenance services at reasonable charges.

Pick and drop services (available with Premium AMC).

Additional repairs at discounted rates.

Additional washing services.

5% Discount on EW & RSA.

AMC Basic & Premium

Basic or Premium AMC - enjoy transferable benefits that will make your resale value will soar! Get your AMC today and ride with confidence.

Key Features Basic AMC Premium AMC
Validity 2 years 2~6 years
Inclusions PM Labour Only PM Parts, Lubricants & Labour
Additional Discount: Parts 5% 5%
Additional Discount: Lubricants 5% N/A
Additional Discount: Labour 20% 20% on additional jobs
Exclusions Accidental Repairs not covered
Engine Oil Consideration 10W30 Throttle Oil

Additional Details

Looking for a way to keep your Honda Motorcycle in top condition? Look no further than our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)!

Type of AMC Buying Condition AMC Package Years Price, including GST
Basic AMC Before Free Service 1 2 years INR 2,199
Anytime After Free Service 3 2 years INR 4,399
Premium AMC Before Free Service 1 2 years INR 9,799
3 years INR 14,899
4 years INR 19,999
5 years INR 24,799
6 years INR 29,799
Before Free Service 2 2 years INR 8,299
3 years INR 13,999
4 years INR 18,499
5 years INR 23,399
6 years INR 28,399
Before Free Service 3 2 years INR 9,499
3 years INR 14,499
4 years INR 19,799
5 years INR 24,499
6 years INR 29,499
After Free Service 3 2 years INR 10,799
3 years INR 15,999
4 years INR 20,899
5 years INR 25,999
6 years INR 30,599
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our maintenance contracts.

What is AMC?

AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract. It consists of scheduled periodic service at reasonable charges and includes add-on benefits.

What is Basic AMC or what Is the coverage under Basic AMC?

Basic AMC consists of Scheduled Maintenance Services (Periodic Maintenance Parts are not covered under Basic AMC), and comes with a validity of 2 years, additional repair at discounted rates, additional washing services, and a discount on RSA.

What is Premium AMC or What is the coverage under Premium AMC?

Premium AMC consists of all features of Basic AMC with additional coverage of lubricants and periodic maintenance parts, comes with tenure coverage of 2 years to 6 years, offers additional washing services, discount on RSA, pick and drop Services, door step services and FOC chain. Cleaning as per package applicability.

What is Scheduled Periodic Service?

Scheduled Service is periodic maintenance for ensuring the smooth and trouble-free running of the vehicle in which consumable items like engine oil, spark plug, air filter etc. are replaced as per recommended schedule.

How many services are covered under AMC?

No. of services applicable are as per AMC package.

Is my AMC applicable to All India?

No, customer can avail services at AMC selling dealer only. Only if the network is terminated or resigned can the AMC be availed at nearby peripheral Honda authorized Big Wing network.

Can I pay in installments for purchasing of Premium AMC?

No, at present an installment option is not available.

When can I buy this AMC?

AMC can be purchased at any time after the purchase of the vehicle.

Do I get the AMC benefits on Accidental Repair?

No, AMC Benefits are not applicable on Accidental Repair.

Can I transfer this AMC?

AMC is transferable to subsequent owners but not transferable to another vehicle.

Can I cancel this AMC?

Yes, AMC can be cancelled at any point of time.
- Within 24 Hrs. of purchase – 100% refund.
- After 24 Hrs., AMC can be cancelled with applicable cancellation charges.

What are the benefits of these AMC offers?

AMC offers following benefits.
- Direct Benefits:
1. Savings on periodic maintenance expenses.
2. Additional washing, discount on RSA, pick and drop services, door step services and FOC chain cleaning (as per package applicability).

- Indirect Benefit:
1. Protection from Inflation.
2. Good resale value of vehicle.
3. Proper maintenance of vehicle.

Will My AMC activate immediately? Can I buy AMC during periodic service visit & get the benefits during the visit itself?

Yes, it will get activated immediately. Customers can buy the AMC during the periodic service visit & get the benefits during that service itself.

If I purchase this Premium AMC, do I still need to pay extra when I send my vehicle for servicing?

All the Periodic Maintenance services items like engine oil, filter, brake fluid, paid service labour etc. would be covered under Premium AMC. However if there is additional requirement which is beyond the Periodic Maintenance Schedule mentioned in the owner’s manual, charges would be extra. The AMC offers a discount on both parts & labour.

Why should I buy AMC if I'm going to sell off the vehicle within the Standard Warranty?

The AMC is transferable, hence the resale value of your vehicle increases, and the road worthiness also increases as the motorcycle is serviced by the authorized network where genuine Honda spares and lubricants are used to carry out the repairs and services.

What happens if I miss the service, can I take it later?

AMC is valid for the defined period only and the number of services. Services need to be taken within the AMC period only.

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